Insulated Concrete Form Construction utilizes lightweight, reinforced Expanded, Polystyrene foam forms which are quickly erected and become permanent formwork for concrete wall structure, reinforcing support, continuous air barrier, moisture barrier, and insulation for the building wall.  ICF construction can offer:

  • Lower 1st cost
  • Energy Savings
  • Faster build time and quicker Return on Investment
  • Reduced Weather Delays
  • Lower cost of Ownership
  • LEED and Sustainability
  • Great Sound Attenuation

Brown+Kubican, PSC’s comfort with ICF started with our tilt-up work over 15 years ago.  In the years since, we have completed dozens of projects for many diversified uses.  Our successful projects and efficient designs have created partnerships with the National Concrete Readi-Mix Association, NUDURA, and AMVIC wherein we perform studies and final designs for developers, architects, and design-build contractors.  We have worked with these and other manufacturers and understand the differences between the various form systems. 

Similar to tilt-up, 15 years ago there were inadequate design programs for slender concrete wall design, so we wrote our own.  Those have developed over the years to modules which compare the various design methodologies to obtain the most efficient design.  Similarly, we have developed in-house specifications to incorporate erection and construction, bracing, and window bucks for a thorough and complete design.


Transy Dorms

EKU Dorms

Burlington Readiness Center

Wesley Village

Wrigley Elementary School

Morgan County Storm Shelter